Alive in Jesus Healing Ministry
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We are available to work with church groups and parishes in training house blessing teams

Products available for sale:
Inner-Healing and Deliverance Starter Kit:
Includes 3 bound booklets of specific prayers for Inner-healing and Deliverance, 2 5-Keys to Freedom Prayer Guidance Cards, and 1 Client Teaching Binder with 2 Client Questionnaires

House Blessing Leaders Booklet
House Blessing Prayers for four levels of infestation
Saint Benedict Crucifixes 2 Sizes
One for wearing while blessing houses and One wall crucifix to use for leading the group, and for supplying to the person to keep and use to deter evil after the blessing is complete

Books on Deliverance:
Deliverance from Evil Spirits by Francis MacNutt
Unbound by Neal Lozano
Spiritual Warfare by Father John Hampsch
Catholic Warrior by Robert Abel
Pigs in the Parlour by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond
Paranormal (Ghosts)
Ghost Tracks by The Warrens
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