Jan Reagor, our main healing and deliverance minister, is an active Catholic, who works closely with her pastor, and is accepted by the diocese of Great Falls-Billings. In the year 2000, she sold her business to do healing and deliverance, after realizing God called her to this beautiful ministry.

Working under the spiritual direction of her pastor, she formed the Saint Benedict House-blessing team, and does paranormal investigations. Once the investigation is complete, and the source of problems are identified, either human or inhuman cause, she takes approved catholic steps to remove the spirits causing problems in the house and/or building.

She and her husband, Jack Reagor, co-lead the Saint Benedict Prayer Team, and are available to train other house-blessing teams.  They also teach healing and deliverance to other prayer groups established in a parish or congregation.

Jack and Jan are volunteer missionaries with Renewal Ministries in Arbor Michigan.

Jan's education includes Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and an Associate in Business from the University of Great Falls, a Sisters of Providence school. She attended and received certificates of completion from the following schools of healing: His Healing Love Ministry; Christian Healing Ministry; Elijah House; and Theophostic Ministry . 

Jack Reagor attended His Healing Love school of inner healing; video training of School of Healing, level 1, Christian Healing Ministries. He has gone on 10 missions with Renewal Ministries to places such as Africa; Turkey; and other European countries.

We are associated with:

A Catholic Psychiatrist

A Christian Licensed Counselor

A Christian Licensed Family Therapist

Christian Healing Ministry-Jacksonville, FL

Elijah House Healing Ministry-Post Falls, ID

His Healing Love Ministry-Helena, MT

Renewal Ministries-Ann Arbor, MI

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