Healing and Deliverance

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                In many cases, healing and deliverance go together to 

                heal traumatic hurts with trauma spirits attached!

    Unwanted spirits' goal is to make us miserable, while trying to attract       us to other things and pull us away from Jesus. They do not want us to     be with Jesus when our life cycle is complete, and it is time to go to           heaven.


In-human and Human Spirits

SPIRIT TYPES  -  Compared to US Military

►Curses - Ancestral  (Human and/or inhuman)   
Similar to the Air Force
Trauma    (Abuse & Fear;  inhuman)    
Similar to the Navy

Sin Spirits  (Our own sins; Inhuman)            
Similar to the Army

Occult Spirits (Satan and false god worship)  
Tough like the Marines

All of the listed above open doors, 
letting unwanted spirits in
 For more information on human spirits, (ghosts) 
see the paranormal section of this website

  “No journey to freedom happens without the grace 

  of God and the power of His Holy Spirit working             in and through you.”

One of the most common ways unwanted spirits sabotage us is by attaching to our emotional hurts, many we experienced as a child. Unhealed hurts are food for unwanted spirits, so they aggravate our known and unrecognized hurts, to make more food for themselves.


But, as we go through the healing process, the hurts go away, leaving the unwanted spirits with little food. They then become weak and are easy to remove while healing with the Lord. In our own lives we have things that can keep us from healing.These things can be expressions of evil spirits influence.

Why do they influence us in this manner?

They do not want us to heal and get free, 

they enjoy making us miserable.   

 If hurts are not healed, spirits will return to their food source       

     Lk 11 24

We have double blocks, our own and 

unwanted spirits prevent our healing

Healing and Deliverance 

releases from bondage into blessing!

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The Journey