Inner Healing Prayer Ministry is provided by inviting Jesus Christ into the persons past, into known emotional injuries and uncovering hidden hurts. Jesus helps the person to reconcile the past and live in the gift of today, the present 

   Healing of Memories and Inner Prayer is separate from other forms of counseling. Sessions are by private appointment. The prayer minister does become aware of happenings in the persons life. We are obligated to keep confidential information disclosed by the person except suicide, homicide, abuse of a minor or the elderly.


The New Testament teaches Jesus is our salvation, healer, and deliverer. There are several examples of Jesus healing people; delivering people; plus both healing and delivering individuals.

 As Jesus sent His apostles to carry on His work, He sends Christians today, 

to bring His wonderful touch to our lives


 Healing of Memories reaches into our past, reclaiming the past

and healing known and unknown hurts


Healing ministry touches people in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual 

Inner Prayer addresses all of these areas in our lives

The role of the Healing Minister is guiding the person to an encounter of Jesus within the memory, and allowing Him to bring His healing love-touch to the affected area

Healing ministers must report such information to the proper authorities.

For qualifications of Inner Healing Ministers: